JACUZZI outdoor

We invite you to relax in our jacuzzi.


Our prices include, one hour session per stay including the loan of a bathrobe and slippers.


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


Wellness office 150m from our guest house

  • Well-being or Hot Stone massages for a moment of relaxation and calm,

  • Sophrology sessions to refocus yourself in the here and now,

  • Color yoga for deep meditation,

  • Chromotherapy and color baths to rebalance your energy,

  • Personal Development with the color test to know your personality, your needs and your desires.


Creative workshops with children, to develop imagination and creativity while having fun in

joy and good humor

Hot Stone Massage


is a relaxing treatment, which is aimed in particular at people who wish to relieve muscular or nervous tensions.


Native American and Hawaiian, hot stone massage or "stone therapy" is a massage technique using basalt stones of volcanic origin. These stones, once heated, provide a feeling of well-being and have different therapeutic properties.


The benefits of hot stone massage are manifold. It allows in particular to let go, detoxify the body and improve blood circulation


Reiki massage

provides extra energy to the body by naturally going to the areas that need it.


Through massage, the body and the mind are rejuvenated, relaxed, releasing energy blockages.


In Japanese, Reiki means "energy of the mind", "strength of the mind". It looks very much like a massage, but of an energetic type.

You are lying, dressed, on a massage table. The practitioner imposes his hands, without touching you directly. We are quickly invaded by a soft torpor, and a feeling of heat where the hands are placed.




Deep meditation. It requires no posture, no particular exercise, no effort. It is thus accessible to all. From the first session, he plunges into a state of deep serenity.

Sophrology session



To refocus yourself in the here and now. Inspired by hypnosis and oriental disciplines such as yoga or zen, sophrology is a dynamic type of relaxation method which aims to transform our anxieties or phobias into positive thoughts.


has existed since antiquity. It helps balance the body and provide it with what it lacks via colors. It acts on the Physical, Mental, Emotional and Energetic planes.



personal development

With the color test to know your personality, your needs and your desires.